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Experience Erika Bloom's comprehensive wellness method encompassing Essential Movement, holistic nutrition, meditation, fascia release and complementary medicine. The Digital Membership offers daily live interactive classes with Erika and her team of expert instructors as well as exclusive access to 180+ on-demand classes for mindful movement and self-care practices designed to heal, strengthen and restore your body. 

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"We think we are supposed to be moving harder and faster in order to get strong and healthy, but it’s really the opposite. As we slow down and soften into full body awareness, that is when we see real holistic and everlasting change.”


Our Teachers

Learn from Erika and her hand selected team of senior instructors who are experts in the anatomical movement field. Our teachers are highly certified and known for their superior movement instruction, trained with an eye for detail and ability to tailor focused and effective practices for every client.
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Meet Erika
Erika Bloom is a wellness pioneer known for transformative movement-based healing. Erika and her team of expert instructors restore holistic harmony to the body and mind of their clients through high-touch, in-person private sessions at Erika Bloom locations around the world and through Digital Membership offerings.
Meet Erika

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Membership Includes:
Membership Includes:

Daily Live Interactive Classes with Erika and her team of expert practitioners

180+ On-Demand Classes in our Digital Library

Live Q&As and Wellness Dialogues with the industry's leading experts

Mindfulness practices that support connection to your emotional landscape

Access to newly curated pre-recorded class content added the 1st of every month

Experience our global community for shared learning and connection

Compassionate virtual support from our team

Somatic experiencing, neuromuscular repatterining, and supportive cross training for a healthier body

Nutritional guidance from Erika, a certified holistic nutritionist

Therapeutic and restorative movement practices to address your previous injuries and unique concerns

Exclusive bonuses for Erika Bloom events, retreats, and offerings as a digital member

Access to Holo Health Premium, a subscription functional medicine lifestyle app that includes powerful tools, education, and recipes