The Immersion
October 21st - November 8th 2024
The Immersion<br>October 21st - November 8th 2024

Initiate Deep and Lasting Change

Embark on your journey to profound transformation and lasting lifestyle change. The Immersion is a retreat into your personal wellness, unfolding over three weeks in an intimate group virtual setting led by wellness pioneer Erika Bloom.

Discover your Body’s Ability to Heal

Designed for those ready to emerge stronger, calmer and healthier than ever before, this immersive experience will allow you to release tension and trauma, find your body’s natural alignment, and implement new daily practices to bring deep-rooted change and support you long-term.

Care for your Body, Care for your Whole Self

Participate in nine live immersion sessions that promise guided somatic movement, breath work, journaling practices, open discussion and flexibility to meet group needs. You'll also receive a personalized Movement Prescription crafted from an analysis of your unique biomechanics, posture, and nutritional needs that allows you to utilize the digital library to tailor a daily regimen of movement practices to support not only your body, but your whole self.
The Immersion Includes
The Immersion Includes

9 Live Immersion Sessions on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12:30 PM EST

A Personalized Movement Prescription based on an analysis of your unique biomechanics, posture, and nutritional needs

A nurturing group environment that fosters deep insight, learning, understanding, and collective transformation

A special workshop exploring Emotional Freedom Technique to meet your emotional body with support and compassion

Sessions that promise guided movement, breath work, reflection journaling, open discussion, Q&A and flexibility to meet group needs

The Investment: $1500

By reconnecting with your body's natural movement, learning to implement small daily habits, and fostering deep internal awareness, this program will lead you to achieve a balanced body and lasting change. Whether you seek a long-desired shift or are simply curious about what it would be to live fully at home in your body, we invite you to join this small group for profound healing this Fall.

We begin October 21st, 2024 and complete November 8th, 2024.
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Will I need props or equipment?
We highly recommend the Erika Bloom Movement Kit, a mat, and a foam roller for this experience. However, you are welcome to join no matter what props you do or do not have readily available.
What is the length of the program?
This is a 3-week group journey. We meet 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12:30pm EST.
How long is each session?
Monday sessions are 60 minutes. Wednesday and Friday sessions are 90 minutes.
What is the personalized movement prescription?
Erika will provide you with a personalized movement prescription with practices within the digital library, tailored to a personal analysis of your biomechanics, nutrition, and goals. This tailored movement prescription will allow you to move and integrate change everyday of the week, even when we do not gather live. This allows you to be supported fully each day of the week along your journey.
Is the program all virtual?
Yes. The Immersion is a fully virtual experience. We will be a group gathering virtually from all over in this profound transformative experience.